100 Happy Days: Week 8

Dallas came home on Saturday!  There’s going to be another post about that day (it’s a long story) but today, I don’t feel like going into it right now.  Today is his birthday.  It’s the third birthday he’s had since we’ve been together, and the first of those times we’ve actually spent together.  Kind of wild.

Anyway, it’s time for me to write about my 100 Happy Days pictures for last week.  I think I can handle that.

Day 50 was last Wednesday, my last real day off before Dallas was supposed to come home.  I was so tired, but needed to get the house super-clean–he’s allergic to cats (irony) and there’s obviously cat hair all over the house because the cats come in, hang out, lay on the furniture, sleep in here, etc.  Of course, this little big guy was napping, which meant I felt really guilty about vacuuming.  And I really wanted to sleep.

If you know me, you know I’m a little bit of a tech geek.  I was thinking ahead to going to the airport and waiting for Dallas, knowing it was likely his flight would be late.  I bought a neat little battery pack charger, which arrived on Day 51.  I ended up not needing it Saturday, but it is pretty handy.  I think I’ll take it when we go to Auburn for the football game.

I featured Gabby again on Day 52.  I left our comforter (too heavy for this time of year) on the floor for a minute with a couple extra pillows, and Gabby had to come in and dig in them.  Somehow she got the bedroom door open and she just came in and got to work.  I think she was looking for a place to hide her biscuit.

Day 53 was quite possibly the happiest day…this picture was taken by Dallas’ mom at the airport when Dallas finally made it to Atlanta.  It’s blurry, but I think the looks on our faces say it all.

On Day 54, I managed to get a rare picture of Bo and Gabby, neither of them blurry.  They were waiting for their medicine and treats in the kitchen doorway.

My aunt basically told me to settle down, but I was excited about this Starbucks fall blend coffee early on Day 55.  It was really good.  I drank some black and some with a little sugar and a splash of salted caramel mocha creamer.

Coffee was again the theme on Day 56.  I opened a bag of Biscoff cookies to go along with my coffee.  Dallas said they give them to you with coffee, tea, etc. all over Europe.  I’ve seen a lot of recipes involving the cookies, but hadn’t eaten them before that day.

It’s been an exhausting week.  It’s been great to have Dallas home, though I think we’ve both had to adjust a little bit.  He’s spent the last twelve months basically living alone (he hasn’t had a roommate since he was in Romania) and I got used to the silence when I was home alone on my days off.  Now we’re kind of in each other’s way a lot of the time.  Neither of us has really changed, necessarily, but we’re still having to relearn what it’s like to live in the same house.  It’s mostly a non-issue, except we’re both really easily startled and when one of us is wrapped up in something and the other just pops up out of nowhere, it’s kind of scary for a second.  That and I have to break Dallas of the habit of yelling across the house instead of just getting up to come find me if he wants to talk.

The best thing, of course, is that we don’t have to say goodbye at the airport again.  Sure, he’ll have to do some traveling for school and work for, well, the rest of his career.  After twelve and a half months apart (minus the 7 weeks or so he was home this spring), being apart for a couple of days or weeks for school/work things should be a piece of cake.  But there won’t be any more long separations.  If he’s going someplace long-term, I’m going too.  When he’s snoring on the couch mid-day, trying to talk to me through the bathroom door when I’m there, or has just bolted a home-cooked dinner his mom or I have been working on for hours, it’s hard not to get a little irritated with him.  But that’s when I keep trying to remind myself that he’s home for good, and it does help.


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