100 Happy Days: Week 7

This is me at this exact moment…except that I’m not green.

Dallas will be home on Saturday!  THIS SATURDAY!  I only need one hand to count the remaining days we’ll be apart.  Of course, this means I’m in the process of some serious…um…damage control around the house.  He didn’t usually have Bo and Gabby in his room, and they are constantly in there now, meaning there are big tufts of Bo and Gabby hair all over the floors.  Oops?  You can vacuum it up, but mysteriously, it always finds its way back.  I know there’s no way to corral all the cat hair, either, but I’m going to try.  I’m only concerned about that because Dallas is allergic to cats.  He honestly probably won’t even notice if our room is a mess or if my makeup is all over his side of the bathroom counter (well, he’ll notice that after the jet lag wears off), but he will know the cats have been shedding all over our bedroom.

I’ve had plenty of happy things to document this week for my 100 Happy Days.

Day 43 was dark and rainy, at least in the evening hours.  Bo and Gabby are getting older, and Bo hates, hates, hates thunderstorms.  He got up on a pile of blankets on the couch and I wrapped him up in one to help him feel safe.  Then, of course, I had to take a selfie.

Thursdays are always hard at my current job, because I have Wednesdays off.  Because of this, every Thursday feels like a second Monday, and Day 44 was no exception.  When I got home, I just had to get into my pajamas and eat a delicious ice cream sandwich.

My workday ran late on Friday, Day 45.  I was starving, so I ate some of the ramen noodles I keep up there for lunch as dinner on a quick break.  Mmmmm…cheddar-flavored.  I never developed the post-college aversion to them that so many of my peers have reported because we ate them all the time when I was growing up, and, well, I still like them.

Our Gabby doesn’t recognize anybody’s need for personal space.  Never has, never will.  So I guess it was not a surprise that, when I tried to take her picture on Day 46, she came even closer.  I’m pretty sure she fogged up the camera on the back of my phone when I was trying to take this picture.  But she’s so pretty I just can’t even get upset that she wants to breathe on me all the time.

Day 47 was a ridiculously early morning…like, before-sunrise early.  I had some tech support work to do, and it was going to involve working in spaces that would get hotter as the day went on, so getting an early start is the wisest choice.  So I was up to see Bo and Gabby waiting for their morning medicines, which they take in these little chewy pill pocket treats.  Poor Bo has to take medicine for a lifelong skin disorder and a long-term heart problem, but he doesn’t even mind because he likes his morning “treat”.  In fact, he will sit and stare with his adorable ears up (the lady Dallas’ parents got him from said she’d never be able to sell him because his ears don’t meet the “breed standard”, but I think they make him even more perfect) until you give him what he wants.

I featured a picture of Bo on Day 48 as well–so that’s three pictures of him in this week’s Happy Days.  They’re also probably the three best pictures of Bo I’ve ever taken.  He is very camera-shy.  Gabby will show off, pose, smile, etc., when you ask her to do so, but Bo will put his head down and turn away.  It’s a shame, he is such a handsome dog.  Anyway, I took him and Gabby for a walk, and they really just wanted to lay down in a patch of grass.  Bo kept pawing my leg until I sat down with them, then he got up in my lap.  That’s when I took this picture.

My Day 49 picture was a guest post of sorts.  Dallas didn’t take a regular camera with him this year because he much prefers using the one in his phone.  He’s getting quite good at taking pictures because that’s how he can share his year in Germany with us.  While he’s been taking pictures of things like slugs (ew) and sending them to me so I see them when I first get up in the morning (ewwwwwwwwww), he’s also gotten some pictures I have really liked, pictures like this one.

Have I mentioned yet that I am so excited?!?!?  Dallas’ mom is too.  I know she was happy when he came home for his break, but now that we don’t have to worry about sending him back, it’s even better.  And I think we’re all going to be even happier to see him knowing that he barely missed getting caught up in everything going on in Israel right now. (I’m not going into it–if you haven’t heard about what’s going on, get off my blog and onto a news site.)  He made it back to Germany just a couple of days before it got really bad, and my grandmother called me the other night to chew me out, because she thought he was still there and had been losing sleep over it.  I didn’t even think to call her and make sure she knew he was safe, so I guess that makes me a bad grandchild.  But she’s aware he’s safe now, and is so excited that we’re coming up there to visit next month.

We’re both pretty excited too.  I want to show Dallas that the Straits of Mackinac are nice when it’s not February or March (I took him to see the Mackinac Bridge once when it was, oh, about 25 degrees down by the water).  We may well go to Mackinac Island and do the fudgie thing even though I’m basically a local.  We’ll spend lots of time with my family (well, our family, he is marrying into it, after all) and get to see some of our friends.  It’s gonna be great.

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