100 Happy Days: Week 4

I meant to post this yesterday, but things have been pretty crazy this week.  We got new computers at the office on Tuesday, and there were a few minor issues Tuesday afternoon…but then Wednesday, the software we use in our office wouldn’t even open on the brand-new computers.  And of course Wednesday is my day off.  But the boss got in touch with the software company’s tech support (which was good because we also bought the computers through them, hoping we wouldn’t have any issues because they knew what was required to run their software…hmmmmm) and they fixed it.  It’s still a little buggy today, though not enough to wreck my day.  It has given me a massive headache, but that could be as much from adjusting to a much wider screen with a different resolution as from the stress of “argh, is the system REALLY going down again?!”

So yes.  Onward.

The picture I posted for Day 22 is very special to me.  I didn’t take it, I wasn’t there, and that broke my heart.  It was a picture my brother, Mike, took at my cousin Kelsey’s graduation party.  Mike’s a bit of a Luddite, and he only shoots with film cameras, so his girlfriend, Brittany, scanned the prints and uploaded them to Facebook.  That’s how I got to see it.  My grandmother (we call her Meem) hates having her picture taken, but this is the sweetest thing.  We’ve all been waiting a long time for Julia and I just can’t wait to meet her.

Day 23 was June 19, a big day for Dallas because he was giving a lecture at his university–a paid lecture, even.  He was a little nervous but I think he was past that by the time he sent me this lovely mirror selfie.  He felt like it went really well, which made me so happy…I’ve watched Dallas go from getting nervous and stuttering a bit in front of a small group at a conference to being poised and confident, proud to talk about the research he’s doing.  It’s been delightful to accompany him on this journey.

I’m lucky to have a job where I can dress casually, as long as I’m neat and tidy.  My self-selected “uniform” typically consists of a solid or striped tee, skinny or straight-leg jeans, and cute sneakers or TOMS.  On Day 24, I wore the TOMS Dallas had sent to me for our anniversary last year (isn’t he awesome?), which very rarely leave the house because I want them to stay nice.

The pups and I hung around inside a lot on Day 25, which was a hot Saturday.  It takes a lot of playing catch to tire Miss Gabby out, but somehow I managed to do it.  Of course my arm hurt before she was ready to rest.  Even when she’s panting from playing too hard, she is such a pretty and happy girl.

Day 26 was pretty crazy–I got to go on a “girls’ day” with Dallas’ mom and a family friend.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to go out to lunch and shopping with other women–it’s not something that happens too often in my life these days.  I got this cute top at Belk for $10.  I’d seen it and fallen in love with it a month or two ago when I was in there with Dallas’ mom, but it was still full price and I’m not paying $34 for a shirt.

We finally got some good rain on Day 27.  It was beautiful outside right up until the rain began, then once it started, it rained for over two hours straight.  Other than that, it was a typical Monday, with accompanying Case of the Mondays feelings.

We got more rain on Day 28, but before that started, I got to see these little guys.  The lady from the company that does the landscaping at our office came in to get me when she found them while she was out trimming hedges because she knows how much I love birds, and she knew I’d want to take a picture to send Dallas.  It basically made my day.

All in all, this was a pretty good week.  Tiring, but good.  This headache has been going on for the last, oh, five or six hours, so I’m looking forward to getting out of work in about an hour and a half and going home.  Staring at a screen all day might be the culprit, but I may well end up watching TV or YouTube videos all evening anyway.


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