100 Happy Days – the third week

This week has been a breeze compared to the last couple–well, for me anyway.  Dallas is giving a lecture tomorrow that I’m not sure he’s so psyched up about, but I know he’ll be just fine.  Time’s going to start going by pretty fast after this, I think; he’s going to Jerusalem at the end of the month, and most importantly, he will be home one month from tomorrow!  We’ve spent a lot of our relationship long-distance, so it’s amazing to see the light at the end of the tunnel knowing this is the last long separation we’ll have to endure and it’s almost over.

Day 15 was hot.  I was quite irritable.  Enter frozen coconut/milk/popsicle thing.  Instant mood boost.  The only problem is that I ate two of them…oops. 😉

Georgia has some weird weather.  It was getting darker and darker on my way to work on Day 16, but then it lightened up a little, so I figured we wouldn’t get any rain (as usual).  All of a sudden, heavy rain fell for, oh, three or four minutes.  I went out to refill the bird feeders when the sun came back out and the little raindrops clinging to the leaves on one of the Japanese maples by the front door were just so pretty.

I was braced for Friday the 13th, my Day 17, to be a terrible day at work because it coincided with the full moon this time around.  Not only was it not too bad, I got some good eats out of it.

Day 18 was an early morning because somehow I must have taken Saturday off my list of “weekend days” on my Sleep Cycle alarm app, so my phone woke me up about about 4:45.  I did go back to sleep for a couple more hours, but still got up at an hour most people would consider early for a Saturday, and had a very delicious breakfast.

We went to the grocery store on Day 19 and I’ve been eating well and working out regularly lately, so I thought I’d treat myself to a Frappuccino because there’s a Starbucks right there inside the store.  Since I’ve been extra good, I was thinking I’d get Caramel Ribbon Crunch, which is so sweet I can stand to get it about once a summer.  But then I saw this sign and knew I had to go for it.  It wasn’t quite the same as actual horchata, but still good.  And now I want to make horchata but don’t have any cinnamon.  Or enough room in the fridge.  Or regular (not quick-cooking) rice.  Sigh.

Work was a little crazy on Day 20.  I joked with a client that it was leftover craziness from somebody else’s bad Friday the 13th, but it really wasn’t too bad.  I think you can expect Monday to be a little nuts at any business that isn’t open on Sundays–even so, it wasn’t terribly stressful.  I even had time to eat a delicious and not-so-healthy snack in the late afternoon.

It rained a little on Day 21; sadly, not enough to actually make a difference.  Everybody’s grass is dying.  But it did make for a few really cool cloud formations, like this one.  It was still 90 degrees a little before sunset when I took this picture, but I’m getting to the point where I’m used to the heat and it doesn’t bother me much.

On that note, becoming more tolerant of Georgia heat is kind of crazy, because I used to hate it getting above about 75 at home, and over 85 was pure torture.  Everybody told me I’d never adjust to life down here because of how easily I’d get too hot up north.  I think being about 50 pounds lighter than I was this time three years ago has helped a lot, because I don’t have so much bulk to try to carry around.  I’m also a lot better about drinking water than I ever was in Michigan.

I’m keeping up with working out, too, even though my mother-in-law keeps telling me I’m too skinny.  I think the only thing that would make her happy is if I just sat still and ate all day for a while.  I’m not trying to lose any more weight, but I want to try to tone up and shape what I’ve got left.  I did 90 sit-ups this morning.  I think next month I’ll try this 30 day squat challenge along with 5K training.  My legs need work!  And I know when Dallas gets home he’ll help keep me motivated and on task.


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