100 Happy Days: week 2

It’s been another interesting week around here.  The weather has been gorgeous and I’ve been feeling pretty good.  We’re also another week closer to Dallas being home for good.  I remember that the last forty days before he came home on his school break passed really quickly (and I remember this because New Year’s Eve coincided with forty days left), and now we’re down to thirty-nine days until he comes home this time.  It’s coming right up, and he gets to do some really cool stuff in the meantime: he’s giving a talk about his research in Jena on the 19th of this month (they’re advertising it around campus and paying him to speak, so it’s really more of a guest lecture than the “hey come in and talk to a few people about what you’re doing” thing he thought it was going to be), then in early July he’s off to Jerusalem for a few days for a fellowship-related workshop.

Without further ado…this week, in summary and pictures.

Day 8 was one of my days off, and I treated myself to some coffee.  Last week I started a little experiment–I didn’t exactly quit coffee, but I quit taking it to work.  On Wednesday I made and drank just one cup as kind of a “yay it’s your day off” treat, and cleaned the house like a madwoman.  Unfortunately, that’s how I discovered my coffee maker had some kind of a leak in it.  I moved it to wash the counter and there was a pool of lightly coffee-colored water underneath.  I’d noticed it seemed to be making a lot less coffee than it should have been, based on the amount of water I was using, for quite a while, but that confirmed where it was all going.

Day 9, back to work!  I got up at 4:30 and worked out, then showered and drank a sludgy, kinda strawberry-flavored protein shake.  Dallas had bought shake powder while he was home on break and we still have most of it left because, well, it doesn’t taste very good.  It was still an all right start to my day.

It was hard to find a happy moment on Day 10.  It was easily the worst day I’ve had at work in a while…definitely way too much stress for a Friday.  Oh, and I had a bad hair day on top of it, but I tried to hide that behind this awesome headband.

I tried to keep Saturday pretty low-key, so I could recover from Friday.  Stress affects me pretty intensely; I really didn’t sleep much Friday night and I was having muscle spasms in my legs.  Dylan cheered me up a lot on Day 11 by being a real sweetheart: instead of following me around crying but not wanting to be picked up or petted, he hopped up on the couch and went to sleep just like this.

Day 12 was full of adventures.  If I didn’t know better, I’d definitely think my mother-in-law was one of those doomsday preppers, because we don’t just run to the grocery store for a couple of things.  No, there’s elaborate planning involved.  It was just the two of us this Sunday morning, and we may or may not have spent two-plus hours at Walmart.  I did get a new coffee maker while we were there, though; exactly the same as the old one because I am a creature of habit.  Later I sunbathed until my phone shut itself off not quite halfway through Weezer’s Blue Album.  Oops.  But it was beautiful out there.

Back to work again on Day 13–with coffee because I was gonna use that new coffee maker.  I got away from my desk for a little bit to hang out under a tree.  Heat index of 99?  Not a problem.  Maybe my mom’s worst fears are coming true and I’m turning into a Southerner.

Day 14: this morning.  I forgot today’s a rest day on a workout plan I’m doing, and figured if I was up at 4:30 instead of 5 I’d still do something.  Half an hour of yoga was the right choice.


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