100 Happy Days: the first week

It’s been a whirlwind.

Day 1, last Wednesday, was a day I had off work, and a particularly lovely one at that.  I got to spend a lot of time outside communing with nature and hanging out with the cats.  Unfortunately, it sort of went downhill from there.

I really tried to make Day 2 a good day.  I got a good night’s sleep (over six hours!) and woke up ready to rock and roll.  I stepped in to check on my mother-in-law’s plant, which she’s trying to bring back to life after an unfortunate cat incident, before heading off to work.  Some of the people I had to deal with there did their best to kill my good mood.  A couple pointers for those of you who may need to conduct business with a company at some point: 1) don’t get a price quote on something and then ask “is that the best you can do for me?” when you have no previous working relationship with that business; 2) don’t ask if a competing business charges the same rate or less.  Especially if you’ve just kept an employee on the phone for 10 minutes while you repeated everything they said back to somebody else on your end of the line.  I drank a total of 32 ounces of sugar-free Red Bull and had to take a sleep aid at about 8 pm to kill the caffeine buzz enough for me to go to sleep at all that night.

Day 3 was also fairly maddening.  At one point, I ducked out of work to run to the gas station down the street because my body was screaming for chocolate.  The candy bar I bought did make me happy, but I ended up going wayyyyyy over my calorie total for the day…because there may have been another candy bar, two Cokes, and half a box of Cheez-Its involved as well.

The next day, thankfully, I was off work.  I stayed in bed late (until 7:30!), got up, put dinner together in the Crock Pot, made myself a very large mug of tea, and got back into bed to do some photo editing.  This was one of the pictures I edited, and it just had to be my Day 4 picture.

Day 5 was the second half of the weekend.  I cleaned my coffee maker, watched early-morning cooking shows with my mother-in-law, and snapped this sweet shot of Gabby sleeping on the floor by the couch.

Day 6, back to work.  Armed and ready with a tumbler full of tea, I faced the work day head-on.  Things once again got a little hairy at the office, but instead of reaching for junk food, I went outside and breathed some nice fresh air.  In other happy news, Dallas’ dad sent off the very last payment on his veterinary practice, so that was pretty cool.  He’s been paying on it monthly for the last 15 years and I know he is so glad to be done.

Today was Day 7.  Other than going off to work with Dylan’s hair all over my shirt (something I didn’t realize until mid-morning, eek), it was a pretty all right day.  My hair looked pretty good and I went to bed early last night so I got over seven hours of sleep!  Tuesday is typically a slow day for us and, while we weren’t crazy busy, we had things to do and my ten-hour day went by pretty quickly.

I’m pretty tired…

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