100 Happy Days

Quite a few of my friends are taking part in something called 100 Happy Days.  After reading a little bit about it, and checking out the Instagram hashtag, I decided to jump in.  Tomorrow is my first day.

Why tomorrow?  Well, I thought about starting today, until I realized that I couldn’t find a lot of happiness in today; it’s been a bit stressful and I am exhausted.  But I also don’t believe in waiting until the first of the month or a Monday to start something like this, kind of like I don’t believe in the whole “New Year’s resolution” thing.  Intention is everything, and I don’t think waiting for a particular auspicious day or date to start something important is magically going to make you accomplish great things.

So tomorrow.  I start tomorrow, and by my calculations (and by “calculations” I actually mean “that time I spent three minutes jabbing my pointer finger at dates on a calendar while counting to 100 out loud”), day #100 will be Friday, September 5th.  I should have plenty of happy things to document in those hundred days: Dallas will be home, then his birthday will come a few days later; we’re going back to Michigan for a visit; we’ll be going to Auburn for a football game and possibly running a 5K on Labor Day in Macon.  We haven’t set even a rough date for our big move yet, but that might fall within that 100 day range as well.  (If it did, it would just barely; I’m thinking we’re not going to move into an apartment and then just leave right away for a couple of weeks to go visit my family.)

I’ll be posting my 100 Happy Days posts on Instagram, but I think I’ll probably try to do a weekly write-up here as well.  There’s only so much you can stick in a caption, and some pictures, I think, are better with fewer words of explanation.  Maybe this will kick me back into a mode where I want to write a lot again; I’ve slacked off lately because the motivation just hasn’t been there.


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