Busy busy busy

…and finally, a lull.  This has been a super-stressful week.

The most important thing: my cat, Dylan, does not have cancer!  The UGA lab sent back a diagnosis and the growths in his throat were inflammation caused by his stomatitis.  The thing that irked my mother-in-law was that the fax from them came in right before 8 am on Wednesday, so she thinks they actually had his diagnosis ready to send out Tuesday but somebody just didn’t fax it before they closed up for the day.  I was a little upset about that at first, but now I’m just relieved.  He does have an upper respiratory infection that was probably brought on by the stress of his surgery and hospitalization, and he does not like having to take an antibiotic pill (like many cats with mouth problems, he doesn’t like having that part of his face touched, and we have to use a pill gun to get it into him–it takes one of us to hold him and one to pop the pill, so at any given time, he’s mad at 2/3 of our household).  The pill should help with some of the gum inflammation from his stomatitis too, so maybe he’ll forgive us when he discovers it’s less painful to eat.  Hopefully he bounces back and starts putting on some of the weight he’s lost.

This week Dallas has been really good about being there for me when I need to talk, cry, laugh, rant, or worry…this week, more than ever, I can definitely understand why a couple girls in his past were upset he sort of slipped through their fingers–and after being together for more than two and a half years, I’ve had a lot more opportunities to see just how amazing he really is.  He’s kept me sane.  Right now, he’s in Munich, meeting up with a couple of friends for the weekend.  When he’s gone someplace, it’s been for academic purposes (visiting a concentration camp) or he was just en route to someplace else (went to the airport in Berlin to fly back to Atlanta a couple months ago).  So I’m pretty happy he gets to travel for fun this weekend, and that he’s going to be able to just hang out with people.

As of Thursday, I have a new baby cousin, so that’s been pretty cool too.  She’s an unusually beautiful baby…I mean, all babies are cute in their own way, but she looks like a doll, and she has so much hair.  I’m so excited for her parents and the new big sister.  I can’t get home to meet Julia Grace in person until August, but thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve gotten to see a lot of pictures.  It feels really strange to be so far away–any time life has changed drastically for some member of my family (a birth, a death, a graduation, a marriage, etc.) I’ve been someplace in Michigan, maybe 250 miles away from everybody at most.  Now I’m 1100 miles away.  It’s still weird, even after a whole year.  I know I could scrape together the money to fly home and visit if I got really homesick, but I have a lot of complicated feelings about that.  August will be here soon enough.

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