One more reason to smile

Increased bird activity–and visibility–is a great sign that it’s truly spring.


Exhibit A: Georgia’s state bird, the Brown Thrasher.  Typically a relatively shy and secretive bird, the males want to be seen and heard in the spring and early summer months.  This one, I suspect, lives someplace in the overgrown peach trees next to our house.  I’ve caught him out on this perch (a random tall, awkward-looking pine tree) several times in the last couple of weeks, and have tried to photograph him every time he’s been out.  Some of my attempts have been more successful than others.  Tonight, approaching sunset, he was singing on that tree again.  I had time to take just one picture before he flew off into the lower, denser trees.

The last couple of days have been unexpectedly busy at work.  I’ve been in the midst of a database overhaul, shuffling through computer files nobody’s done anything with in 5, 10, even 15 years.  (I found one file that was last modified sometime in 1998.  Let that sink in for a minute.)  One great flaw of the equipment and software I’m working with is that when you fix one problem, two more appear.  I haven’t even finished this project and I’m genuinely afraid to see what the system will throw at me when I finally decide I’ve done all I can with this database.

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