Planting roots

I wrote here about the uncertainties of the next year of our lives together.  Today it’s all sort of fallen into place.

Dallas has accepted a Saul Kagan Fellowship in Advanced Shoah Studies for next academic year.  We are very proud of him–this fellowship is a really big deal, especially since the people who have gotten them in the past have been at big state schools or colleges with really elite Holocaust/Eastern European history programs.  His fellowship kicks off with a summer workshop at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem right before the end of his academic term at Jena.  Due to how his class schedule is set up, he will only miss, I think, one session of each of his classes to go to the workshop.

The other thing this means for us is that we’re not moving out of the area.  I’m excited to say we will be able to continue to call middle Georgia our home for at least another year, possibly two.  Dallas’ fellowship is renewable, dependent on his progress towards completing his dissertation.

So when he comes home in July, we’re officially apartment-hunting.  We’ve already got a list of places to call and see; finding a decent place to live looks like it’ll be a lot easier down here than it ever was in Mount Pleasant (more options here, the apartment complexes aren’t mostly designated for college students, and they’re not almost all owned by the same company). Living with his parents has been fine, I get along great with both of them, but it’s time for us to be back out on our own again.  And I think it will be a lot easier on his mom to have us in the same town rather than a 15-hour drive away.

I know being home on his semester break was kind of hard on Dallas because he has been so used to living on his own at school, and before that, it was just the two of us.  It’s difficult to come back and adjust to an entirely different set of rules and expectations.  I’ve never really been able to completely figure out how to relate to my parents when I stay with them now that we’re all adults, and I have had a couple more years of living away from them than Dallas has had of living away from his parents.

We both need to eat better, which will be easier when it’s just us–we eat a lot of things his parents don’t, and they eat a few things he doesn’t like, which leads to him eating a pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner on those nights.  Long-term, that’s not doing him any favors.  So we’ll find a place, our second home together (well, third if you count us living with his parents).  It’ll be just us and my cat.  We’ll also start slowly accumulating some actual furniture; we gave away most of our cheap Walmart/thrift store furniture when we moved because it wasn’t worth taking and we weren’t sure if/when we’d be moving back to Michigan (so, in retrospect, it was a pretty good decision to do that instead of hogging space in Dad’s basement or garage or renting a storage unit).  We’re going to probably make a trip up to Atlanta to go to IKEA when we get ready to move because we’re most likely buying a new bed from there.

In addition, we want to get up to Michigan to visit my family at some point this summer.  By the time Dallas comes home, it will have been about 15 months since I last saw my family.  I’ve never gone more than a couple of months without seeing my parents or grandparents, so this has been really hard.  In addition to everybody I already know and miss, I will have a new baby cousin to meet, so that’s pretty exciting.  (I’m my grandparents’ oldest grandchild, and my new cousin will be grandchild #11.)  When we go up, I’ll be going through my old room at my dad’s, sending some things to Goodwill and bringing the rest of my belongings back with us.  Adulthood is weird.

We’ll be taking a little road trip over to Auburn at the end of August, too: Dallas got us tickets to the football season opener against Arkansas.  I cannot wait.  Their coach was one of the ones having fits over how fast the Gus Bus goes.  This is gonna be fun.  And I can’t wait for things like the eagle flight and seeing the marching band in person (because I’m a total geek).

Lots of exciting things ahead.  I’m feeling pretty ready for all of it.  (Except moving.  Ugh, moving.)


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