47 Signs You’re From Michigan

Old, but still applicable. Missing my home state a little today–just not the weather.

For the record:

  • I never frenched a Juggalo (though a number of my sixth-grade classmates were working on being Juggalos, so maybe if we’d all come along a few years later?)
  • I have definitely rocked the shorts and hoodie combo in the spring and fall
  • My siblings and I grew up “up north” in a cabin in the woods (it was not a vacation)
  • I still have to think twice about putting my pop cans/bottles in a recycling bin instead of back to the store (and yes, it’s pop.)
  • I never hung out with any of Ted Nugent’s family (as far as I know)
  • Biggby > everything else except maybe tiny one-off coffee shops
  • I found Superman ice cream on Tybee Island this past week so of course I got it, and I enjoyed every last bite–it’s not like that love for it disappeared after I grew up

Thought Catalog

1. You show people where you’re from by pointing to a spot on the back of your left hand.

2. You know it’s called pop, not soda.

3. You’ve clapped or witnessed people clapping at the sun setting on Lake Michigan.


4. You know how to pronounce Mackinac, Kalamazoo, Charlevoix, Ypsilanti, and Sault St. Marie.

5. And yes, you know Kalamazoo actually does exist.

6. You’ve frenched a juggalo.

7. You had to wear your Halloween costume over your winter coat at some point during your childhood.

8. You joined other Michiganders in shared confusion and outrage when Wisconsin tried to claim itself as the Mitten state a few years ago. Don’t get it twisted Wisconsin.

9. You’ve gotten into a legit argument about which is better, Rock N Rye or red pop. Obviously Rock N Rye.

10. You’ve received a paid day off of work to celebrate the…

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