I’d been putting off getting my eyes checked for quite a while, and finally, finally, I sucked it up and went to the eye doctor about a week and a half ago.  Today I picked up my new glasses (pardon my derp face) and wow, I can see!  The prescription isn’t much stronger than it was with my old glasses, but it’s still a big adjustment.  I have a second pair of glasses coming soon (these!) and a pair of prescription sunglasses ordered as well.

I had to think a while about the prescription sunglasses.  I’ve kind of wanted some for a while, but I didn’t really need them until I moved down here.  Growing up where I did, prescription sunglasses weren’t really a necessity for me: I wore my glasses and either squinted or put big ugly non-prescription sunglasses over them if I needed to see what I was doing, or just wore regular sunglasses if I didn’t need to see what I was doing.   This time of year (well, most of the year) it’s pretty cloudy at home, but it’s a lot sunnier here in the South.  I guess that was really the tipping point: I would get more use out of them down here than I ever would have at home, and when it’s sunny here, that sun tends to have a much more severe effect on my skin than it ever did at home because this is so much further south, so I don’t even want to think about what it could be doing to my eyes.

It wouldn’t be a sound financial decision at this point for me to go out and buy anything as fancy/cool/expensive as Dad’s Ray-Bans must have been (I think he is still just a little proud of them, even though his prescription has changed since he got them a long, long time ago), but I did find an inexpensive pair of wayfarer-style prescription sunglasses.  I’m in a place where I feel like prescription sunglasses would be very useful to me, though not so necessary that I have to go nuts buying a more expensive pair.

Even in the few hours I’ve had my new glasses, I have noticed a lot of difference.  Dallas pointed out a mockingbird and a yellow-rumped warbler to me up at the top of our neighborhood late this afternoon, and I could actually see the identifying markings.  Usually I just see a bird.  Maybe.  And/or I get irritated with him when he’s like “well do you see marking x or flight pattern y” and I just can’t see it.  He likes to remind me that the last time he got his eyes checked, he had 20/15 vision.  With my old glasses, I had 20/25.  Without them, the eye doctor made a nervous chuckling noise and said “let’s get you a new prescription”.

It’s gonna be kind of cool to actually see things.  I’m looking forward to it, once the new-glasses headache wears off.

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