Great Backyard Bird Count, Day 1 (+Photos)

Today was the first day of the Great Backyard Bird Count.  Dallas and I naturally took part.  This is our third year taking part in the bird count together.

We went to our favorite local birding spot, Fountain Park.  We’ve had really good luck when we’ve gone birding there in the past, and today was no exception, perhaps mostly because we went in the mid-afternoon hours before school let out.  I got a couple of good bird pictures:

American Robin!

American Robin!


"What're you doing down there?"

“What’re you doing down there?”

Also, we walked 1.1 miles in the course of our birding adventure.  Yay exercise!

I think we’ll take a “stationary” count this evening, aka sitting on our butts in the backyard and watching for birds from there.  We’re going walking tomorrow too, though that’s going to be for fitness, not bird counting.


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