“Winter” in Georgia

I want to start this post by apologizing to all of you stuck in the wilds of Michigan.  I feel bad for you, I really do.  This is crazy, my dad lives just a few miles from the National Weather Service offices where they take the Gaylord snowfall measurement.  Most of my close family members live about 20 miles from the Pellston airport, where it was -21 this morning.  And I guess it doesn’t really feel like it’s almost Christmas down here, especially since the National Weather Service figures it’s gonna be 72 degrees on the first day of winter.

I’m not rubbing it in, I promise.  It’s just…weird.

Having grown up in a place where a good snowstorm could prevent your family from spending Christmas together and looking out your window was almost always just like looking at one of those pretty Christmas cards with the winter scenes and pine trees and birds, it is a bit bizarre to me that somebody in my neighborhood a) has palm trees in their yard and b) has decorated them with strands of lights.  (They’re not pine trees!  This is pure sacrilege!)  Today looks and feels like a crisp early fall day at home–the lead-up to Halloween, not Christmas.

It’s hard to describe how I feel.  Not homesick (though I am a little homesick, for my family, not the weather; it’s quite nice to be able to go outside in short sleeves and not die), but…confused.  This is not what winter has been like in my lifetime.  I’m sure it won’t be a major adjustment on Christmas morning when there’s no shoveling to be done and no danger my dad’s steel roof will drop a massive icicle on somebody’s head as they walk up to his back porch.  I think the weather down here is at least part of why I’m having a difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit.  It’ll be hard not having Dallas home this year, even though he doesn’t really get into Christmas.  I’ll have people to cook for, I mean actually cook for; being home for Christmas means there’s no room for me in the kitchen unless it’s time to make the gravy and Uncle Steve and my mom are both unavailable.

For those of you stuck in the snow: if it looks pretty, please take a picture and send it to me.  And do try to stay warm.


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