I’ve admittedly had almost nothing going on these last few weeks.

I crossed the bridge to 26 and it doesn’t feel any different.  My birthday was on a Monday, and I still went to work.  Dallas sent me flowers, and I cried because I miss him so much.

I’ve watched a lot of football.  This is the first Saturday in a month that we haven’t had boiled shrimp, french fries, and corn for dinner, because Auburn wins when we eat those things.  It’s only stupid if it doesn’t work, right?  I will admit that I’m a little glad for a break before the national championship nobody expected Auburn would play in, because I’m a teeny-tiny bit tired of shrimp.  And I looooove shrimp.

Dallas is coming home in February!  It’s so close that we’re actually starting to look at flights and figure out how he’s getting home from Atlanta.  It looks like I’ll get him for a good seven weeks or so before he has to go back.  Hopefully I can get a little bit of time out of the office so we can go visit family on the east side of the state and/or do things together outside of middle Georgia, but if not, we’ll still have weekends to go do things.  He’s taken up running, so we need to build some of that into our time together as well.  I hope him being here will keep me honest and I’ll actually go run regularly, at least for those seven weeks.  But really, I just can’t wait for him to get home.  This has been really hard.


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