Happy anniversary! <3

Two years ago today, Dallas and I started dating.  These have been the happiest years of my life so far.

We’ve done a ton of traveling, mostly for conferences.  We’ve been to a bunch of states together in the last two years.  Dallas drives, I navigate.  We spent our anniversary last year in St. Louis, Missouri, where Dallas convinced me to pretend my fear of heights didn’t exist so we could go up to the top of the Gateway Arch and take pictures of the city.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time with one another’s families.  I am happy to say that both of my parents liked Dallas from the first time they met him, which is amazing because they’ve never both liked anyone I’ve dated, at least since I went to college.  I think his parents like me too–after all, they’re letting me live with them while he’s in Germany.

It hasn’t always been easy.  Having a long-distance relationship has been pretty difficult at times, but not because we’re growing apart or because we don’t trust each other or anything like that.  It’s more that we got so used to being together all the time, and suddenly being 4500+ miles apart has been pretty tough.  Skype and Facebook are immensely helpful, but there’s also a 6 hour time difference between us, and our work and school schedules don’t exactly harmonize due to that time difference.  We still make sure to talk every day, and that has been good for both of us, I think.  Still, it’s going to be so much easier when he’s home and we can see each other every day.  I can’t wait to be his wife. 




(This is us on our first anniversary, a year ago today.  We’ve both changed a little since then, haha.)


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