I had today off, so I got the chance to get out and move this morning.  Just a quick little run, a little under half a mile.  I’m getting over a cold/sore throat, so I haven’t felt like getting in much exercise lately.

Four days a week, I leave the house around 7 am and don’t get home until almost 6 pm.  I’m not good for much of anything first thing in the morning, not to mention my subdivision has no sidewalks and no streetlights, so I don’t get up and jog through the neighborhood before work or anything.  By the time I get home, I want two things: dinner and to put my feet up.  So after work is usually out too, though Bo and Gabby like to go for a walk sometimes while it’s still light out, and that gets me a little exercise.

I replaced my rather-worn-but-still-comfortable running shoes about two months ago with these, because why fiddle too much with something that works?  I’m not sure which ones I like better–the new ones are even more lightweight than the older ones, but they also feel kind of narrow.  I have extremely flat feet, and they sort of spread out as the day goes on–or as I get further into a walk or a run.  I will say that the new shoes have done a lot to help me correct the overpronation problem I’ve had since middle school, or maybe even earlier; the old ones helped, but something about the way the soles were shaped never felt quite right to my feet and knees (almost like there’s a huge, pronounced bump under where my arches should be).  Both pairs of shoes are supposed to help me land mid-foot rather than striking with my heel, but it feels…I don’t know, less traumatic when my feet hit the ground in my new pair.  And it’s strange, but I feel like my posture has gotten better in general since I’ve been wearing the right shoes to exercise.  Go figure.  I’m sure my dad will be very proud; he’s basically spent my entire life telling me to stand up straight and stop shuffling when I walk.

I’m hoping to get a little better about exercising on a regular basis.  I was doing so well, then I felt crappy for a few weeks and kind of let it go.  It would be nice to be impressively fit when Dallas comes home (my fingers are crossed that plans won’t change, he’s supposed to be coming home for his semester break in February/March).  We have so many things we want to do–traveling, birding, going on long walks together–and some of them will be easier if we’re both in decent shape.


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