Dallas was supposed to take a train from Freiburg to Jena on Friday (he was supposed to get into Jena at noon our time).  I figured he’d get to his new apartment, get a couple things unpacked, and get online to let us know he’d made it.  And so we waited, and waited, and waited…and heard nothing.

I didn’t sleep much last night, because I was afraid something had happened to him.  I knew that once he got to his apartment, his laptop would be the one of the first things, if not the first thing, he’d unpack.  He doesn’t have an international phone plan, so if we try to call him, it would just go to his voicemail.  He can only get Facebook messages, emails, iMessage, and FaceTime on a wifi network.  Dallas is usually really good about letting us know where he is, so when two days went by and we didn’t hear anything from him, his mom and I were getting pretty worried.

I got a Facebook message from him a little before 7 this morning.  Then we talked over FaceTime for the better part of an hour and a half.  I’m getting a little choked up now thinking about how good it was to see his face and hear his voice, knowing that he really does like Jena and he isn’t homesick like he was when he first got to Bucharest back in July.

It turns out that the internet connection in his new apartment is not working.  It’s a wired connection, and his computer doesn’t seem to realize that it’s physically connected.  Last night he walked for three or four hours trying to find a place with wifi, even if he could only connect for long enough to let us know he was okay and that he’d get in touch as soon as he could get his internet working.  He couldn’t find any open wifi networks, so he gave up and went back to his apartment.  This morning he set back out to try to find some way to talk to us.  One thing he’s learned about Germany is that a lot of businesses are closed on Sundays.  He walked through a shopping mall that was supposed to have a wifi network, but the stores in the mall were closed, so that didn’t work out.  He ended up finding a coffeehouse/bagel shop/internet cafe, so he got himself a sandwich (chicken, peppers, lettuce, and hot sauce on a bagel) and some hot chocolate, and used their wifi to get in touch with us.

Tomorrow he has a Skype interview with somebody at CMU about his Fulbright application, so I’m hoping his internet in his apartment will be up and running by then so he doesn’t have to pack up his laptop and take the tram back to the internet cafe.  On Wednesday he gets to go to the university and sign up for his classes, so he’s pretty excited about that.

Next time he has to pack up and move, he’ll be coming home!  Too bad that isn’t until July.


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