Five for Friday: man, I’m tired.

I got a good nine hours or so of sleep last night, which came to an end when my mother-in-law threw my door open and asked me if I realized it was 6:40.  Whoops.

Surprisingly, I did manage to make coffee, get dressed, do something with my hair, and put on a little bit of makeup before I had to be out the door at 7.  I don’t think any of my clothes are backwards, though I did initially have my shoes on the wrong feet…

This week has gone by in a blur, probably because I’m incredibly exhausted, even with all that sleep I got last night.  I first started feeling sick since last Saturday or Sunday, and it’s steadily gotten worse all week–my throat hurts and my ears seem clogged. (As an aside: a client got me to laugh yesterday; I asked her to repeat what she’d just said over the phone and she told me “honey, you ain’t old enough to have trouble hearing just yet”.)  In addition, this has been a big week for Dallas–as I write this, he is on a train between Freiburg and Jena.  Next time he has to pack up all of his stuff, he’ll be coming home!  Too bad that won’t be until July. 😦

Today’s Five for Friday will be short…partially because I haven’t done anything this week, but mostly because I’m just not very awake.  I’ve felt like crap all week and haven’t done much of what I need to do, so I’ll be playing catch-up all weekend.

Things I should do this weekend because I couldn’t be bothered to this week:

  1. Sort out my wardrobe.  I’ve gotten a few new shirts lately, so I should probably get rid of a few.  I just can’t make myself, though…just in case I need them again.
  2. Clean out the space under my bathroom sink.  Things keep falling out every time I open the cabinet doors.  It’s a mess.
  3. Clip my fingernails.  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna break one before the end of the day because that’s just now my day is going.
  4. Go running.  Or walking.  Or something.  I am getting woefully out of shape again.
  5. Read.  Mostly this, I’m almost done with it.  I think next I’ll try to finish this.  And maybe reread this, since I didn’t exactly have time to enjoy it while using it as a secondary source for one of my MA degree papers.

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