Happy 9/9!  I remember talking in my seventh grade social studies class about the meaning of the number 9 in Chinese culture.  Even though there’s not a historical precedent for it, many Chinese consider the number 9 to be lucky, and the big news on that particular day–September 9, 1999 to be precise, because I’m super old–was the high number of weddings taking place throughout China and Taiwan.  In pinyin (a phonetic system used for transcribing the sounds of Chinese characters into the Latin alphabet, which we use in English and many other languages), the Chinese character for the word nine is jiǔ , which sounds similar to the characters for “lasting”, chíjiǔ.  If one nine in the date is good, two nines are even better.  People really do believe it brings luck and the hope for a lasting marriage.  It may sound cheesy to you, but tradition should be important, no matter what cultural background you come from.

I’m feeling particularly mushy sentimental today: Dallas sent me a pile of postcards he’s been hanging onto since he left Romania, along with the tickets from the two soccer games he attended (one in Romania, one in Germany) and his class picture from his first four weeks of German class.  It’s stupid, but I feel so much closer to him when I’m holding something like that in my hand–something he thought I’d like and mailed to me 4600+ miles away.


How crazy is that, though, that I’d get love notes from my fiancé via international mail on a date that’s considered to be particularly auspicious for people in love in the culture of the country I’ve spent the last several years reading and writing about?!

Sorry there’s not a Music Monday today (not that you mind, I’m sure), but I think Mushy Monday is about all I can do. 🙂


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