Five for Friday: Why wait?

I came across this a couple days ago, and it really struck a chord in my heart.  Especially this:

“January 1 as the time for a personal reboot? I don’t think so. […] But the arrival of September? Now you’re talking. That’s the perfect time to take stock, make plans and chart a new course — or sign up for a course. Labor Day signals back to school time, and that has always felt like the start of the new year to me.”

It’s always been hard for me to stick to any New Year’s resolution.  Maybe it was the perennial post-Christmas food coma (I come from a large family, with a grandmother who can’t see anybody going hungry, so there are usually leftovers for days after the big family gathering).  Maybe it was the anxiety over a new class schedule (and, this past year, anxiety over Dallas’ comprehensive exams and the knowledge that he would be leaving to study abroad this calendar year).  Maybe it was the fact that Michigan in the winter doesn’t inspire one to do anything more taxing than staying indoors and putting on very comfy pajamas.  At any rate, I’ve found that a) it’s easier for me to stick to a reasonable goal than an inflexible “do or die” resolution and b) the first day of the new year is not a good time to start anything.  (And personally, I think it’s easier to stay motivated when the weather isn’t making you miserable.)

So here are some things I want to try to do in the near future:

  1. Drink more water.  I drink about 48 ounces of water every day, and I really don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (yes, I know, that’s bad for me).  I need to drink more water, especially if I’m going to try to get into better shape.
  2. Get in better physical shape.  Running a little last night showed me how much I miss it.  When we were walking regularly, we were walking close to three miles at a time, and I just felt better in general.  Dallas and I have weights, so on the off chance that somebody asks “do you even lift?” maybe I can say “yes, actually, I do”.
  3. Cook or bake something new at least twice a month.  Dallas’ parents are kind of set in their ways.  They know what they like and are a bit hesitant to deviate from that.  I want to get them to try new and delicious things.
  4. Get out with my big camera more this fall and winter.  As awesome as my iPhone is, I can’t take bird pictures with it…at least not good ones.  And I can’t take very good Bo and Gabby pictures with my phone either.
  5. Cull my closet.  I definitely have too much clothing.  Most of it is in really good shape, I just don’t wear it much.  Some of it is even too big for me now.  Less stuff = fewer things to keep track of, right?

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make a success out of any of these things.  Some of them will be quick and relatively painless (#5), others will take longer.


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Why wait?

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