Five for Friday: BuzzFeed learnings

I probably spend too much time reading (and laughing at) things on BuzzFeed.  (I’m just not even going to touch the current controversy around community-generated content; Google it if you want to know.)  Not only is it entertaining, there have been quite a few things that made me just say “hmm, that is interesting”.  Here are five things I saw this week–things I didn’t know, things I forgot, things I can totally relate to.

  1. “When you bought the first iPod, the average gallon of gas was only $1.46.”  When I bought my first iPod, gas was about $2.11 a gallon.  It jumped up a couple months later thanks to Hurricane Katrina.  (Aaaaaaaaand I’m officially old.)
  2. You can make flowers last longer by putting a little vodka in their water.  Or, alternately, you can just drink the vodka…
  3. “You know the unique and terrible pain of a Pinterest fail.” OMG I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY.
  4. Hang photos and posters with washi tape.  This is a “college hacks” article, but given the number of times we’ll most likely be moving in the next several years, I think it’s useful advice.
  5. You can use a straw or a safety pin as a guide to push/pull a string back through a hoodie or a pair of pajama pants.  And here I was cursing and trying to push and pull the fabric in all directions to fix my sweatshirts.

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