Music Monday: 5 August 2013

I’ve been having a really hard time sleeping at night, which is not good when I have to be up around 5:45 five or six days a week to go to the office.  Instead of trying to count sheep and getting frustrated because that seems to make me stay awake even longer, I’ve been going through my iPod and listening to music I’d forgotten I had on there.

I had forgotten how much I love sugary-sweet early/mid-’60s pop music.  I’ve listened from first song to last through entire albums from artists like Fleetwood Mac, Cream, and The Who.  I didn’t even realize how much of Ben Folds’ catalog I have on that iPod (and it was a pleasant surprise to be reminded!).

It’s been great to rediscover everything I’ve accumulated over the last ten years or so, music-wise.  I guess if I’m not going to be sleeping, I may as well be doing something that occupies my mind and makes me feel happy, right?

In addition, I did some fiddling around with settings on my phone and my computer so I can stream music to my iPhone from my MacBook as long as they’re both on and on the same wifi network.  As reliable as my iPod is, it’s also quite old, and the battery doesn’t hold a charge the way it used to.  Of course, when I discover the battery’s dead, it’s usually on Wednesday morning (which has kind of become my housework/laundry/catch-up day) when I need music to stay awake and moving.  I really have no idea why I didn’t have home sharing set up before; the music keeps me motivated as I vacuum, and playing tunes through my computer just isn’t practical in that situation.  So instead of feeling like an idiot because I forgot to charge my iPod, now I just listen through my phone, which also means that on the off chance anybody calls or texts me, I won’t miss that because my phone is sitting someplace else.  HOORAY FOR TECHNOLOGY.

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