An update on Dallas’ travels

Dallas has been pretty busy lately, so I guess he hasn’t had much time to write in his blog.  He left Cluj today to go to Hungary.  He’s doing a few days of blitz trips to places like Vienna and Prague, then he’ll be back in Budapest to take an overnight train to Freiburg, Germany on August 4th.

When he gets to Freiburg, he’ll have a little more stability.  He’ll be there for two months, any trips he takes will be ones he arranges himself.  He’ll be six hours ahead of us instead of seven.  I believe he’ll be living alone, so it will be a little easier to talk on Skype.  Most importantly, he’ll have a regular address so we can send him a care package while he’s there.  He said he just mailed me a couple of postcards and a pigeon feather from Cluj, so I’m excited to get those soon.  I need to find a postcard album that will let me put the cards in so I can see the front and the back so I can save them forever.

I’m so excited he gets to see so much, and I’m a little jealous that I’m not there too.  I worry the most about him on days like these, where he’s on the move and he’s going to have to prepare to say goodbye to his new friends, but I’m excited for him to get settled in.  I’m really excited for him to get to Jena to settle in there for the school year, because then he’ll be able to get comfortable and relax a little bit in between doing school things.

It’s still kind of hard at night to have Dallas gone.  I stay pretty busy during the day, but at night when I’m relaxing and putting my feet up, I have time to think about how much I miss him.  It’s even harder right now because we don’t know when exactly he’ll be back.  It could be late June, it could be sometime in July, we have no idea right now.  It all depends on the exam schedule over there.

I completely missed Music Monday (not that anybody cares, haha), but it’s okay because I had no idea what to write.  Oops.


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