In my element

We may be completely changing our record-management systems soon at work (new software and computers, because everything we’ve got has been a total pain lately; it’s old, outdated, and unwieldy in every way you can think of and many ways you haven’t yet considered), so a software sales rep came by yesterday afternoon to show us one of the programs the boss is looking at.  I tried not to get too overwhelmed as I took notes, but it had so many features compared to what we’re using now, and it was a lot more customizable.  I think I asked all the right questions yesterday, and we’re going to talk to somebody else about different software next week, I think, because there are a lot of options out there.

No matter what we switch to, I’m probably going to be the one talking to the support people and teaching the rest of the office how it all works.  I’ve always been very comfortable with technology, so I’m actually very much looking forward to this opportunity to help make everybody’s lives easier, if it does indeed materialize.  All I’ve really wanted in life is to feel like I’m useful and helpful, and I definitely feel useful right now.

I was a little stunned yesterday to notice it was actually hotter in Mount Pleasant than it was here.  That almost never happens, because, well, this is Georgia.  I didn’t realize the magnitude of yesterday until I looked at this National Weather Service public information statement.  Michigan friends (especially those of you up around Gaylord and going to Alpenfest this week), drink lots of water and stay in the shade!  I would hope you wouldn’t see too many more heat indices around 106-108 degrees like they recorded in mid-Michigan yesterday, but you never know.  I’ve acclimated to Georgia heat and humidity, but it was an uphill battle, and I don’t think we’ve even had a heat advisory over this part of the state since I moved here.


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