Organize all the things! (Even the things I can’t touch.)

I spent yesterday afternoon cleaning and organizing our room (that is to say, Dallas’ room, which I am sleeping in now).  Dallas and I both have a hard time with “stuff”–he doesn’t like to get rid of anything that could be useful to him in the future.  I don’t like to get rid of anything with even minimal sentimental value.

I didn’t take “before” pictures.  It was a mess.  That’s partially my fault; as things fell off the piles that went around all four walls of his bedroom, I just pushed them back on top.

This is the “after”.  I’m going to be working on it again today.  Then I might be moving on to organizing the room Dallas uses as a kind of home office when he’s here, because he has more clothes and books in there…

Clutter is a definite problem in our lives.  Not just physical clutter, but mental and emotional clutter too.  I’d like to think that cleaning and organizing this bedroom might help me kind of  figure out how to “clean house” in my head as well.  I tend to think way too much about certain things, and over a long period of time, it’s like I’m throwing all of these thoughts into a room where they build up into huge piles of mental “stuff”.  Those piles fall over, and I feel absolutely overwhelmed going through all of it.  Maybe going through the decision-making process, where I have to decide whether to keep or throw out physical objects, will push me to approach some of the thoughts stuck inside my head and learn how to throw them out, to let them go and not bother me anymore.

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