Well, we’ve made it.  It’s Friday night.  I wasn’t sure I’d be in any shape to write or do anything else that requires more than minimal effort, because one does not simply do productive grown-up things after being at work for 10 hours on about an hour of sleep.  Coffee is my superhero.

This is what my to-do list for this evening originally looked like:

  • Vacuum bedroom floor
  • Set out clothes for tomorrow so I don’t have to figure out what I’m wearing to work when I get up at 5:45 (crying face)
  • Organize shoe rack
  • Wash bathroom counter
  • Scrub toilet and shower
  • Take a shower
  • Go to bed by 10

This is what’s actually happened so far (it’s about 8 pm):

  • Put on pajamas
  • Eat an entire handful of coconut M&Ms and feel absolutely no shame about it
  • Pet dogs
  • Call and talk to Meem (which did need to happen, I haven’t talked to her in two weeks and she probably thought I died and nobody bothered to let her know)
  • Pet dogs again
  • Write blog post

…as you can see, I have some room for improvement.

I’m going to start trying to come up with various theme days for my blog, so it’s not just post after post of me whining about how much I miss Dallas.  I do, and nothing will change that, but that doesn’t mean anybody else cares (or that he really needs to read about it every time he looks at this page because that will just make him feel bad).  I’m starting with Music Monday, and posting a new playlist I’ve been working on this week.  I was going to start today with Fashion Friday–if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I like posting my “outfit of the day”, because I’m finally learning how to dress for the body I have, not the body I had 60 pounds ago–but really, after not falling asleep until an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, I had a hard time even figuring out how to open my dresser drawers.  Somehow I managed to dress myself properly, shoes on the correct feet and everything, but realized around 2 pm that my earrings didn’t quite match.  OH WELL.


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