Too tired to think about a witty title.

As soon as Bo got better (he is back to his usual smiley happy self, hooray!), Gabby got sick!  Dallas’ mom said she thinks this house’s carpeting is officially a job for the professionals, and then she wants to get a good carpet cleaning machine to keep around the house.  The one we have didn’t do a great job, and was an enormous pain to put together, use, and clean out.  Plus it leaked everywhere, and I’m not sure if it was the clean water or the dirty water that ended up back on the carpet we had cleaned and anywhere else that carpet cleaner went.  As for me, I’ll be happy to not see any more dog puke in this house for a while.  At least not on the carpets.  But of course they’ve both decided, when they’re less than a body length away from a hard surface, that the carpet is the very best place to throw up!  Thanks, guys!  UGH.

This morning I took the class to become certified by the state of Georgia as a substitute teacher.  It was just about what I expected: a couple of hours of reminders not to beat up, yell at, or hit on your students, and report anything that seems a little off about your students or colleagues to the school counselor or principal.  It felt like taking Intro to Education all over again, but with a lot of middle-aged women with very nice manicures instead of fellow college kids in jeans and sweatshirts.  Strange.  Anyway, I got a certificate of completion, with my name on it and everything.  Still have no idea what I’m going to use it for.  I really can’t justify spending all kinds of money on background checks for these school districts when a) I really don’t have any way to get to any of these schools at this point and b) in the case of the county I currently live in, it’s pretty unlikely I’ll get called to work often because today in class we were told that they have an overabundance of substitute teachers in their system.  But it never expires and I can use it statewide (with a few exceptions, mostly districts Dallas told me he wouldn’t want me teaching in because he’d be worried about my safety), so what the heck.  If we stay in Georgia when he gets back, who knows where in the state we’ll end up, and even if we stay put in this area, we’ll probably be looking for an apartment so we’re not imposing on his parents so much.  They’ve already done so much to help both of us, and I imagine they’d be quite happy to get the full use of their house back, but we’d still be close enough that his mom wouldn’t have to worry too much about not seeing us enough.

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