I’m really starting to figure out what I’m doing at work.  Today I learned how most of our equipment works, though I wouldn’t trust myself to run any of it without supervision just yet.  I got a little overwhelmed this afternoon, but I think everything turned out okay.

Dallas seems to be having a good time on his trip.  He was having a rough time the first night he was in the country because he was dehydrated and maybe a little disorganized.  They tell you not to drink the tap water over there, but he didn’t have a chance to buy bottled water, so he had to drink the tap water.  (He was fine, by the way).

I am constantly feeling exhausted.  Sigh.  I don’t really ever feel like eating, either.  I don’t know if it’s just depression over Dallas being gone or if I need more sleep or what.  But I do like being here, even with the ridiculous weather we’ve been having these last couple weeks (it can seriously stop raining any time now, but if the fire ants would continue to stay away from me, that’d be cool).

Being so far from home is still hard sometimes, but I’m adjusting.  Having Dallas here long enough for the culture shock to wear off helped a lot.  Now I just need to stay busy enough for this year to pass in no time at all.