Yay, I heard from my fiancé!



I’ll start this post with a picture of a male bluebird that I took the last time we went birdwatching before Dallas left.  Isn’t he cute?

Dallas got a few minutes late at night his time to check in with me via Facebook.  He’s seven hours ahead of us right now, so it was mid-afternoon here when he was about to go to bed.  He and his roommate were sharing an ethernet cable, so only one of them could be online at once.  His study abroad group got bumped from the hotel they were supposed to stay at and ended up in a place that he said made the apartment complex we both lived in when we met (crappy student housing) look like the Ritz-Carlton.  Luckily they’ll only be in Bucharest tonight and tomorrow night, before they head out to Constanta, Romania’s oldest city, for some quality Black Sea beach time.  Then they make the almost cross-country trip to Cluj-Napoca, where he’ll be studying Romanian language at the largest university in Romania (it’s also supposed to be the best university in Romania, so I hope he will learn a lot!).

His mom came down the hall last night to say goodnight to me and heard me crying, so she came in and talked to me.  It was probably about midnight before I ever fell asleep, which was rough because I had to get up around 5:30 for work.  It was a short day, which was good because two cups of coffee are not a good substitute for all the sleep I missed last night.  After work, I got a couple new pairs of pants, because American Eagle is doing some kind of “it’s a holiday so we’re going to have a sale” sale.  Hooray for 40% off!

Talking to Dallas this afternoon was great, even though it was only for a few minutes, because we’re used to talking all. the. time.  I’m happy that he seems to be happy.  It is making all of this a lot easier on me (and probably on him).  I think things will be even easier when he’s settled in Cluj, because he’ll have wifi and we’ll probably be able to figure out a time that’s good for both of us to talk most days.


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