And away we go.

We’re on our way to Atlanta to put Dallas on the plane. He doesn’t leave until 1:40, but the airport’s alert system for the security checkpoints says there’s already a 20-30 minute wait to get through. They suggest getting there at least 90 minutes in advance. We don’t know what kind of traffic we’ll run into on the way there, so we wanted to be on the road early.

I think it was pretty hard on him to say goodbye to the pets this morning. OC didn’t bother getting up, but Bo and Gabby knew something was going on, so Bo was giving me the sad eyes.

Dallas’ mom and I both have big bundles of tissue in our purses. I hope we won’t have to use all of it, but who knows. I’m already having trouble keeping it together.


Aubie wanted to go too, but he would put Dallas’ suitcase over the weight limit.


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