The weekend is almost over.

For many people, the end of the weekend signals a return to work.  For me, this particular weekend being over means we’re that much closer to what may end up being one of the hardest days of my life so far.

On Tuesday, we’ll be making the hour and a half drive to Hartsfield-Jackson to put Dallas on his flight.  Depending on how long it will take for him to get through security, we may be there a while, and we may not.  This isn’t the first time he’s flown, but he’s going to land in Chicago and be stuck at O’Hare for a few hours, then he gets on an overnight plane, and when he lands, he’ll be in London.  From there, he goes to Bucharest.

By the time he goes to Germany, he’ll be very well-traveled.  I’m happy for him and I know he will make good use of the time he has over there.  I’m just going to miss him a lot.  And I’m probably going to cry the entire way home.

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